Have you ever pondered for way too long over the color of a dress? Maybe you were shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding. Or, perhaps you wanted to impress on your next date. While you might feel a little silly spending so long picking something as trivial as color, the decision is more important than many think. 

Color is very powerful. Not only does color represent your personality, but certain shades can even change your mood! That’s why it’s so important to think carefully about the colors you wear, especially when you’re trying to dress to impress. So, before you decide to purchase that orange gown or green summer dress, consider first what these colors say about you. 

The Red Dress: You Radiate Confidence 

Red is a bold color. It’s not a shade you wear when trying to blend into a crowd; instead, it’s the color you wear when you want attention. Red can symbolize many things, including anger, passion, love, and blood. All of these things have one thing in common: intensity. While wearing red, you show that you are an incredibly confident, bold person who isn’t afraid to show off. There’s a reason the red dress is often associated with the seductress! The best time to wear a red dress is at a glamorous formal event or during a special date night. 

The Blue Dress: You Are Loyal 

The color blue is associated with loyalty and confidence. Wearing a blue dress, therefore, will tell people you are loyal and trustworthy. You might want to wear a navy blue dress to more formal work events, as people will likely open up to you more. You could also wear blue while out on a date with your loved one to show that you only have eyes for them. 

The Yellow Dress: You Are Happy 

Yellow is a bright, joyful color that is literally the shade of sunshine! Due to this, wearing a yellow dress tells everyone you are happy. In some cases, it may also show that you are childlike and free-spirited. Wearing yellow can be fun and typically works better in the summertime. You could wear a yellow dress to a garden party to blend in with all the summertime colors while showing people how cheerful and optimistic you are! 

The White Dress: You Are Pure 

White symbolizes peace, innocence, and purity. It’s the cleanest, purest shade, which is why most brides wear white during their weddings. You don’t have to wait until the day you are married to enjoy wearing a white dress, though – wearing white can work for many occasions, especially if you want to tell people you are innocent and virtuous. Keep in mind that white is one of the worst color choices if you are a wedding guest, though! 

The Purple Dress: You Are a Creative 

Purple is a magical, interesting color that is often associated with femininity. If you choose to wear purple, you show that you are a creative and unique individual. Of course, there’s also the association with luxury – purple is the color of royalty, so wearing a purple dress can also show that you have class and wealth. It’s all about the way you wear it!

The Orange Dress: You Dare to Be Different 

Orange has a lot of similar connotations to red, but it still holds a different meaning. Orange is bold; it’s the color of fire, after all. This bright, eye-catching shade tells people that you dare to be different. Orange isn’t the most common dress color; wearing it shows you are willing to enter the spotlight. To make the most of this fun shade, try wearing an orange dress in the summertime, perhaps for an outdoor get-together. Orange works particularly well for summer dresses! 

The Black Dress: You Keep It Classic 

The black dress is a classic for a reason. Black suits pretty much everyone and goes with almost anything, so it’s easy to wear and looks incredible. If you wear a little black dress to a formal event or date, you show that you keep it classic. You will also maintain an air of mystery – black is often associated with seriousness, power, and elegance. 

The Pink Dress: You Are a Sweetheart 

Pink is a color that represents being girly. It’s a pretty, soft, feminine color that many people absolutely adore. It’s Barbie’s signature color for a reason! As such, wearing a pink dress shows people you are a sweetheart. It says you’re fun, innocent, and ready to have fun. Pink is also often associated with love – especially young love. So, wearing pink to a date makes a lot of sense. 

The Green Dress: You Are Intelligent 

Green is the color of the earth – it’s associated with prosperity, nature, and hope. Wearing green will tell people that you are intelligent, especially emotionally. It’s also a happy color, and wearing it will demonstrate that you are a cheerful person who looks towards the future through a positive lens. The best times to wear green would be at formal or work events, especially if you want to prove your mindfulness and cleverness. 

What Else to Consider When Picking Out a Dress Color There are other things to consider when picking out a dress color! If you want to make a good impression every time, here’s what to keep in mind. 

The Occasion 

Are you attending a work party? Have you been invited to a wedding? Clothing colors matter a lot when it comes to attending particular events, so be sure to consider the occasion before making a dress purchase. For example, you won’t want to buy a white dress for a wedding. Likewise, a striking red dress may not work well for a casual work event. 

The Colors You Suit 

There are some colors you suit a lot, and others not so much. Keep in mind the colors that compliment your complexion when shopping for a dress. Green may look incredible on you, but yellow might wash you out! 

The Season 

Finally, consider the season when choosing a dress color. Typically, white and yellow work best in the summer, while more autumnal colors like orange and red are perfect for fall. During winter, you may enjoy wearing darker blues and greens more. 

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