Your wardrobe changes with the seasons. You might have rocked the cutest sandals in the summer, but once fall arrives, it’s time to ditch those kinds of shoes. Luckily, fall is the perfect time to show off your style, as there are many types of gorgeous shoes and boots to choose from. Whether you’re looking for sleek knee high leather boots or a cozy pair of slippers, these stylish womens shoes from Erica Wilson are sure to elevate your fall wardrobe. 

Navy and Red Nelson Wool-Lined Leather Boots 

Leather boots are a staple in the autumn. These wool-lined leather boots are unlike any you already own – inspired by Southern Spanish Heritage and using Spanish leather. This boot has a bold, sleek design that will elevate any outfit. Thanks to the wool-lined interior, you won’t be without comfort, which will keep your feet nice and warm no matter how chilly the autumn nights become. These boots are endlessly wearable but work particularly well for fall strolls through the park! 

Goldie Cowboy Boot 

Did you know that western boots are one of the trends for fall this year? It’s true! You might have an old pair of cowboy boots at the back of your wardrobe, but these Goldie Cowboy Boots by Penelope Chilvers will probably make you want to leave them collecting dust. The tan suede gives you that classic cowboy look, with the fun embroidery adding to its fun design. They are incredibly comfy, too, thanks to the supportive design. These gorgeous shoes will make you want to visit all the best spots in Texas and get on horseback! 

Cassidy Suede Cowboy Boot 

If you want to be a little more subtle but still want to get on board with the trending cowboy boots, these Cassidey Suede boots are the way to go. These ankle-length brown suede boots come with a short heel wedge and zipper, giving them a casual appearance. They are easy to slip on and off wherever you go, providing endless support and style. 

Holly Clog Boots 

Do you want to make a statement with your shoes this autumn? These Holly Clog boots are handmade in Denmark to create an interesting, unique pattern that uses a mix of blues, greens, and oranges. The clogged bottom gives them a sturdy feel, making them a good buy for a casual autumn event. 

Stiletto Boot 60 

Every autumn wardrobe should have a pair of knee-high boots. Thanks to their stylish, chic, and independent look, they are the epitome of fall fashion. If you want to go bold, try the Stiletto Boot 60 from Paris Texas. These shiny black boots use Italian leather for a crocodile-skin look, which is finished beautifully with a stiletto heel and pointed toe. Wear these boots in the fall, and you’ll certainly make an entrance wherever you go. 

Icon Low Brown Faux-Fur Boots 

Do you live in an area that gets seriously cold during colder months – perhaps routinely going below freezing? While fall is beautiful, it can also bring a real cold snap, so it’s a good

idea to prepare. There’s no better way of doing so than with these gorgeous Icon Low Brown Faux Fur Boots! The moon landings inspired these high-quality winter boots and give you that same heavy-booted look that the astronauts had. On top of an exciting and unique design, the boots also come with the best quality materials for your comfort. The rubber tread sole will keep you steady on your feet, while the faux fur will do its part to provide insulation to keep you warm no matter the outside temperature. They are 100% water repellent, easy to clean, and have a uniqueness that will add a lot to your autumn and winter wardrobe. When the first sign of frost begins to show outside, these boots you’ll want to reach for! 

Dekkan Alveomesh 

Sometimes, you need a casual pair of sneakers that look as good as they feel, and you can find just that in these Dekkan Alveomesh shoes. While these low-top sneakers work for all kinds of weather, the light cream shade and endless comfort make them particularly great in the fall. They pair nicely with a casual fall outfit, such as a pair of jeans and a statement jacket. In terms of materials, these sneakers offer a mix of leather and suede inserts for your absolute comfort. 

Incredible Boot 

The Incredible Boot by Penelope Chilvers is incredible. The cute design comes with laces and a sheepskin interior, giving your feet the support and warmth they need during the months of October onwards. They are non-slip, durable, and stylish, helping you get through the cold months in the most fashionable way. 

Dallas Ankle Boot 

Ankle boots are easy to slide on and always improve an autumn outfit. The Dallas Ankle Boot is a particular standout thanks to the interesting design, which seems to take inspiration from both the Paris streets and Texas roadhouses. The pointed toes give a sleek, standout look, while the chunky heel provides a lot of height. You’ll wear these time and time again! 

Faux Curly Cream Sandal 

When autumn rolls around, you should do your best to stay comfortable. These cozy sandals are perfect for the colder seasons, thanks to their faux sheep wool and slip-on design. They even have suction pads and flush lining for even more comfort and stability – you will never want to take these off. 

Inuit Felt Slipper 

Perfect for autumn and right through to winter, these Inuit Felt Slippers are perfect for keeping your toes warm when you’re at home. In true Inuit style, these shoes are excellent at keeping the heat in, thanks to the high-quality wool and rubber outer. The rubber even means you can wear them outside without running the risk of getting soggy feet! 

Discover Your Next Pair of Fall Shoes at Erica Wilson There you have it – the top womens shoe picks for fall 2023. At Erica Wilson, we stock the most stylish, high-quality shoes for all seasons – including fall. So, if you’re ready to start your autumnal and winter shopping, start here. The range is extensive, and you are sure to find the perfect leather boot or pair of slippers to match your needs.