Bad weather can put a (literal) dampener on many different plans, and if you were hoping for a night out but it starts to rain, snow, storm, or it’s just generally unpleasant outside, those original plans might have to be changed. 

However, the good news is that they don’t have to be completely rearranged; you can still have a fantastic evening of fun, even if you don’t leave the house. There are dozens of different ways you can have a top night in when the weather is foul, so keep reading to find out what some of them are. Even better, all of these activities can be done snuggled up in an Erica Wilson pajama set! 

Read A Book 

When the weather’s bad, and you don’t want to go outside, why not stay inside – inside your own mind, that is? With a book, that’s exactly what you can do, and there’s no better time to get lost in the pages of a great story than when it’s rainy and dark outside. If that’s what the 

weather’s doing, there’s nothing to stop you from grabbing a blanket and a hot drink and snuggling up somewhere cozy with a good book. Perhaps you can choose a book that’s been on your ‘to be read’ pile for months now, and you’ve just never got around to picking it up, or maybe you’ll go back to a well-known old favorite – just pick the option that makes you feel happiest. 

If you love reading, you can prepare in advance and create a cozy reading nook in your home with soft seating, good lighting, a table for snacks and drinks, and bookshelves all around. You’ll only need the corner of a room, and you can use the bookshelves themselves to make walls to keep you tucked away in a comfy spot. 


How often do you get the chance to enjoy cooking? If you’re like most people, you’ll be busy with many other tasks throughout the day, including work, taking care of your family and pets, hobbies, exercise, and many other responsibilities that have to get done. A lot of the time, that means cooking becomes something you have to add to a long list of things to do, and it’s not something you can get much enjoyment out of. 

When the weather means you have to change your plans and stay in instead of going out, you’ll be in the perfect position to cook and enjoy the process. It can be tempting to order takeout on a bad night, but why not cook something wonderful instead? You’ll have the time to do it, and it can be a fun process. Plus, in the end, you’ll have something delicious to eat and feel a real sense of accomplishment. 

Movie Marathon 

Movies can be wonderful ways to pass the time, and when the weather is foul, you can pick something that suits the mood (perhaps a horror movie) or something to brighten things up (like a comedy) and allow yourself to get carried away by the story. 

Add snacks like popcorn and chips, invite friends, and make it a movie marathon where everyone picks their favorite film to watch. You’ll discover new movies you never knew about and old favorites that make you happy thanks to the nostalgia they bring with them. 

Play Board Games

Board games might seem like an old-fashioned kind of entertainment, especially when you think of all the new technology around that you can use to entertain yourself, but that’s part of the appeal – you don’t need a screen or any fancy computer or gaming equipment to have fun with board games; everything you need is in the box and ready to go. 

If you live with others or invite other people over to enjoy an evening with you at home rather than going out somewhere because the weather is foul, you can get out all the old board games and make a great night of it. Turn things into a competition if that sounds fun, with prizes for the winners – this can turn a good night into a great one and make sure everyone’s invested in the outcome. Once again, don’t forget the snacks and drinks, and make sure you know the rules of the games before you get started, or you’ll waste a lot of time going through them and not playing at all! 

At-Home Spa Retreat 

There’s something so special and relaxing about going to a spa and getting various treatments. By the end of it, you’ll feel like a new person, with plenty of energy and in a great mood. So just because your plans have changed and you can’t go out, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a spa – you can create one at home quite simply. Here are some ways to do it: 

  • Enjoy a warm bath with aromatherapy oils or bubbles 
  • Light scented candles 
  • Put on soothing music 
  • Use a luxurious face mask 
  • Give yourself a mani/pedi 

Spending a few hours just taking care of yourself and enjoying some real self-care can be the ideal way to spend a night in when the weather’s horrible, and with the result being that you’ll feel good, it’s well worth doing. Having some time to make a spa retreat at home is something you should do even if the weather is good sometimes, as you’ll be much happier and healthier by the end. 

Make Your Own Concert 

Do you play an instrument? If so, a night in could be a great time to have some fun with it and go through your repertoire. You can do it if you’re alone, enjoying the chance to sit for a while and just play the tunes you love, or you can do it with other people – you could play a concert for them, or, if they play instruments too, you can all play together. 

If you want to hear music, but you don’t play your own instrument, that’s not a problem. You can make a playlist specially for the night in you’re having, and lie back and enjoy it – or sing along if that makes you happy. Basically, a night in due to foul weather is the perfect excuse to indulge in things that make you smile, and if that’s impromptu karaoke, so be it.