The cold weather seems to come out of nowhere every year. One minute, you’re still reaching for sunglasses and a pair of shorts, and the next, you’re trying to find a jacket warm enough to avoid freezing in the harsh, cold winds. Don’t worry; winter’s arrival doesn’t mean you can no longer look fashionable. In fact, winter can help you become even more stylish, thanks to the addition of layers! 

At Erica Wilson, we believe that staying warm and looking good can go hand in hand. You just need to learn a few styling tips and build a winter wardrobe that covers all bases. If you want to improve your winter fashion game this year, these tips are for you! 

Opt for Warming Materials 

Start by thinking about the materials you’ll wear during the winter, as certain materials will keep you warmer than others. For example, thermal long sleeve tops are designed to keep the heat in, which will help you stay warm without having to wear a million layers. Some of the best winter-warming materials for your clothes include wool, cotton, and faux fur

Rock Some Winter Boots 

A good, solid pair of winter boots will take you far. The best part is that there are so many different styles of boots, you are sure to find a pair that matches your style. If you live in a truly cold place, these Brown Faux Fur snow boots will help protect your feet even when the temperatures are sub-zero. Plus, they’ll look incredible, thanks to their lunar landing-inspired design! You might also opt for a sturdy pair of leather or knee-high boots to match your wintery outfit. 

Get a Statement Jacket 

In the winter, you’ll rarely be seen outside with a trusty jacket or coat. Make the most of that by investing in a statement jacket that shows off your style and personality! The best kinds combine style and comfort, like this Velvet Bomber. The design is unique, with its oversized drawstrings and matte-black look. It is a statement piece. The materials don’t disappoint, either; it uses a goose-down exterior to insulate your body, keeping you warm even when the temperature is freezing. Of course, there are plenty of other great statement jackets to suit your style, so pick one that matches your tastes for a go-to winter warmer that will give you a bold and striking look. 

Wear Tight Base Layers 

Base layers are an essential part of any winter wardrobe, and wearing tight layers is a bonus. Tight layers work well because they keep you warm when the cold wind is harsh outside. On top of that, something like a snug long sleeve top will allow you to layer more items over it easily. You could add a nice blazer, sweater, or jacket over a tight thermal top to look trendy while keeping toasty.

Layers, Layers, Layers 

Speaking of layers – they are extremely important in the winter! Not only do additional layers keep you warm, but they can also be used to look more fashionable. Layering up with items like sweaters, scarves, hats, and a coat will make you look like you’ve stepped right out of a Christmas movie. To make the layers work better, think about winter color combinations. You 

could keep it simple with most of your layers in a cream color and then use a large scarf as a statement piece by giving it a pop of color or a fun pattern. This Scarf 70 is sure to turn heads thanks to its wild design, and its natural fibers will ensure your comfort. 

Try Out Some Winter Hats 

Are you a hat person? Even if you’re not, most winters call for at least some protection on your head. The good news is that there will be at least one style of hat that will suit you. Try out various types, including beanies, berets, bobblehats, and ski hats. One might look perfect on you! Plus, keeping your head warm helps regulate the temperature of your entire body, so a winter hat is a sensible accessory to reach for if it's freezing out. 

If you want to do something different, you could even opt for some ear muffs! Ear muffs are endlessly adorable and keep the bitter wind away from your ears. Your head will thank you, and your outfit will receive a boost of cuteness. 

Get a Long Coat 

One of the simplest but most effective ways to stay warm and stylish in the winter is to invest in a long coat. A long coat always makes a statement; it’s a chic, fashionable look that never goes out of style. Plus, it keeps your whole body warm while covering the layers you wear underneath. Even if your sweater is not your absolute favorite, it doesn’t matter when you have a gorgeous long winter coat on! 

Don’t Forget the Gloves 

Gloves add the perfect finishing touch to any winter look for style and function. A simple pair of high-quality leather gloves will help you look sophisticated and chic. Wooly mittens always look adorable if you want an outfit for the snow. Invest in a couple of pairs of gloves to go with all your winter outfits. 

Let Your Sweater Do the Talking 

When it gets cold, that means it’s sweater weather. You don’t have to pull on the same old sweater every winter, though – and you shouldn’t if you want to stay stylish! Sweaters come in all shapes and sizes, from casual hoodies to bold patterns, so invest in one that helps your individual style shine through. Want to be different at the Christmas party? This Braided Sweater has an interesting design thanks to its knitwork, with bold sleeves making it stand out from the crowd. An adorable and unique sweater like this is the kind of winter piece that will make you look good while keeping you warm. 

Shop Erica Wilson for Your Winter Wardrobe 

These tips to stay warm and stylish in winter will help you combat the blustering winds and freezing temperatures. We have what you need here at Erica Wilson if you need to update your winter wardrobe. You can always rely on the quality, from statement jackets to winter boots to unique scarves.