Have you ever considered that your pajamas might contribute to your wellness? It might not be something you've ever thought about, but it's true. Everyday decisions like the items you choose to wear build up and significantly impact your wellbeing. That's especially true when it comes to the clothes you choose to relax in. 

Why Are Pajamas Important? 

Everybody should own at least one good pair of pajamas – and that includes both men and women. They are essential, as they give you something to slip into and relax in at the end of a busy day. As soon as you get into your pajamas, you instantly feel like you're truly home. Plus, the right pair of PJs can even help the quality of your sleep, helping you get a good night of rest. 

4 Ways Loungewear Boosts Wellness 

So, what exactly is the link between wellness and loungewear? These four ways loungewear boosts wellness will motivate you to put as much time into picking your PJs as you would your mattress! 

1: Letting Yourself Relax 

Relaxation is a crucial part of self-care. You can't expect to run on high energy all the time if you don't let yourself chill out from time to time! Pajamas play a major role here, as they give you the feeling of relaxation as soon as you put them on. If you wear them regularly enough, 

you will automatically unwind once you're wearing them. It feels good and boosts your overall happiness. 

2: Improved Sleep Quality 

Did you know that wearing pajamas helps improve your sleep quality? It's true. One of the main reasons is that pajamas help improve your circulation and regulate your body temperature throughout all the seasons. Yes – even in summer, pajamas will help you stay cool throughout the night, which is vital for a good night's rest. When you can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep, you feel much better in the day. You'll notice you're more energized, happier, and less stressed. 

3: Treating Yourself 

It's important to treat yourself from time to time, and a good pair of pajamas lets you do just that. You feel good when you allow yourself indulge in the things you want. When treating yourself to pajamas, it's a good idea to find high-quality men's or womens pajamas and sleep shirts – ones that will last a long time while feeling soft to the touch. 

4: Healthier Skin 

When you have healthier skin, you both look and feel better, and with the right pair of high-quality pajamas, you can boost your skin's health. With silk or cotton pajamas, your skin cells will have a better chance of repair, and your circulation may even improve. Plus, the ventilation of pajamas gives your skin plenty of room to breathe and protects your bed

sheets from picking up too much bacteria throughout the night. This will lead to more radiant, healthy skin that will help you feel great. 

How to Choose the Best Pajamas 

So, you now know just how important loungewear is to your overall wellbeing. The question is, how do you pick the PJs that will help you relax and sleep better than ever before? 

  • Consider Material 

One of the best things you can do when purchasing pajamas is to look more closely at the materials used. Different loungewear materials work better for various reasons. 100% cotton is always a good option, as cotton feels naturally soft on your skin and has hypoallergenic properties. Polyester fabric could be a good choice if you sweat a lot at night, as it has moisture-wicking properties that regulate your body temperature. Many people also enjoy pure silk pajamas, which feel luxurious and even help moisturize the skin. You could even go one step further and get a silk pillow to benefit your hair and skin! 

  • Pick the Right Size 

Nobody wants their pajamas waistband to feel tight while sleeping. When picking the right size for PJs, it's generally best to go larger rather than smaller. That way, your movement won't feel as restricted; you'll feel cozy and free in soft clothes. Of course, don't go too far the other way – loose PJs won't feel too great, either. 

  • Think About the Season 

Some pajamas work better during particular seasons. For example, you're more likely to enjoy a long-sleeved PJ set in autumn and winter than in the summer! During the summer, a silk or cotton set will help you regulate your temperature, so you can keep wearing PJs during the night without overheating. 

The season can also help you choose the perfect design. If Christmas is on its way, you may like the thought of getting matching Christmas PJ sets for the whole family! You can even wear pajamas that match your dog's bandana with Erica Wilson's PJ collections. It's an adorable way of staying cozy and warm. 

  • Consider Who You're Buying For 

It always feels good to wear something you like the look of. Whether you're looking for women or mens pajamas, keep in mind the wearer – even if it's yourself. If a simple design will help you relax better, go for that. If you'd like an adorable picture of your favorite cartoon character, that works, too. 

Shop for High-quality PJs with Erica Wilson 

At Erica Wilson, you can find a range of incredibly soft and high-quality pajamas to help you unwind and sleep. Many of the pajamas are 100% pima cotton, giving you that endlessly soft feeling all throughout the night. Plus, the designs are adorable. The Save the Whales PJs feature little pictures of whales all over, and part of the profit even goes toward the fight to save the incredible ocean creatures. The Tuck'd In set is also adorable and can be bought for the whole family. 

In Summary 

There are plenty of good reasons to put a little more thought into the loungewear you choose. It might even surprise you just how much of an impact PJs can have on your overall health! By investing in high-quality, soft loungewear, you will improve your sleep quality and relaxation time.