Fall is a gorgeous time of the year; not only does it look stunning with all those lovely natural, warm tones all around, but it feels good, too – gone are the long, hot days of summer, and now you can enjoy your autumn wardrobe, including finding new dresses to start wearing for the coming season and all those fun parties you’re going to attend! With that in mind, here are our top dress picks for Fall 2023 so you’ll always be ready to head out and enjoy yourself, no matter what the occasion calls for. 

The Classic Black Dress 

Everyone should have a little black dress in their collection of clothes, and these are ideal for Fall – as well as all year round. That’s because black dresses are timeless and elegant. You can get them in so many different styles that you could have one dress for every occasion, perhaps some with lace designs, some made with different materials, some with different silhouettes, and so on, or just one that works for every occasion, no matter whether it’s more casual or formal. Look at the options at Erica Wilson, and you’ll see there’s something for everyone there and that no two black dresses are going to be quite the same. 

To make the black dress just right for autumn, why not pair it with some cozy woolen tights, ankle boots, and a stylish leather jacket? This modern way of wearing a black dress isn’t just about style, though; it’s also a great way to stay warm while you look good. When you have a black dress (or a few different black dresses), you’ll be able to find the ideal outfit for every event through autumn and beyond. 

Maxi Dresses 

Maxi dresses are always a great option, and you should definitely have one in your wardrobe, ready for Fall and whatever the season brings with it. The maxi dress is known for its flowing design and floor-length style, and many people love them because they’re trendy and give you a feeling of Bohemian chic – something that can be hard to pull off, but with a maxi dress, the hard work is done for you. 

Stay away from the bright colors you’d wear in summer and spring, and instead look for earthy tones like olive green, rust, deep browns, maroon, or, if you want something a bit different, mustard yellow. 

Maxi dresses are great for those days that can’t decide how warm they’re going to be or what the weather is going to be like, as adding a cardigan is easy to do. Plus, you can pair them with ankle boots, sneakers, or heels, depending on your preference and the occasion. 

Off The Shoulder Dresses 

When it comes to women’s dresses, off the shoulder dresses are always a good option, and if you want something that’s all about femininity and beauty, these are the dresses to look out for when you’re shopping. If you’re not sure what we mean by an off the shoulder dress, it’s quite simple; these dresses have a neckline that skims the shoulders. The silhouette is something many people love; it’s chic and sophisticated. If you love this look, having a few of these in your fall collection would be ideal – they are perfect for parties, for example.

You can wear an off the shoulder look in the daytime, too – they come in lots of different fabrics, including cozy knits, so they can be worn however you want. Add some ankle boots and a wide-brimmed hat, and you’re suddenly very modern, or stick to the classics with heels and a matching bag, and you’ve got a look that you can be sure won’t look out of place in a form or semi-formal situation. 

A Line Dresses 

The A line dress is a timeless favorite for a good reason; this simple but beautiful dress flatters all body shapes, so everyone can look good in this style, meaning it’s ideal to add to your fall 2023 wardrobe collection. These dresses have a fitted top part that then flares out when it reaches the waist, giving the A shape the dress is named for. They come in a variety of different lengths, but when it’s autumn, a length that will sit just above the knee is great for a versatile look that you can pair with lots of different accessories. 

A line dresses can come in lots of different fabrics, too; in Fall, wool blends are great, and tweed always fits the bill. Depending on the style of dress, you might be able to add another layer underneath it as well, so finding a turtleneck top or a long-sleeve blouse to complement the dress is a wise idea – layers are always something to consider in Fall, and since they’re also on trend, it makes sense to have some up your sleeve. 

Semi Formal Dress 

Fall often brings a lot of events and parties with it as we start getting ready for the festive season and, of course, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Plus, people like to get married in the Fall because it’s beautiful, cooler (so it’s more comfortable), and can be good for the budget too. In other words, there could be a lot of events to attend when summer’s over, and having a semi formal dress or two in your wardrobe is a good idea to ensure you’re ready. 

The material you choose is entirely up to you, as you’ll want to look good but also feel comfortable – that’s crucial; otherwise, you’re not going to enjoy yourself at whatever event you’ve gone to. As for color, those autumnal tones are always a good choice, so look for rich burgundy or deep blue. Emerald green is another excellent choice, and, of course, anything in yellow, orange, or brown (muted, of course) is great. Add some statement jewelry to the ensemble, and you’ll love how you look and feel, and you’ll have a wonderful time whatever you’re doing.