You don’t always have time to go home after work. Your work day may finish at 5pm, but if you need to be at a party or meet some friends at 6pm, that doesn’t give you much time to drive home and put on a whole different outfit. That’s why day to night outfits exist – they allow you to look professional in the daytime before looking stylish in the night time. 

Unfortunately for many, nailing the day to night trend is a trick that only their most stylish friends can somehow pull off. Don’t worry, though. It may seem like a huge mystery, but some small know-hows and tricks will help you transform from office chic to partygoer in almost an instant. 

Choose the Little Black Dress 

There’s something special about the little black dress. It’s timeless and chic and pairs well with almost anything. That’s what makes it a perfect garment choice when you’re going from day to night. You can wear a black dress during your workday, perhaps alongside a sensible pair of shoes, some tights, and a stylish cardigan. Then, when the time comes to step into the night, you can take away the office-like accessories and spruce the black dress up with some jewelry and a pair of heels. 

Throw On a Leather Jacket 

Leather jackets offers a casual and stylish look to any outfit – even the outfit you’ve been rocking all day at work. When leaving the office in a shirt and skirt combo, you can throw on a leather jacket to look more cohesive with the nightlife. It’s that simple! 

Style a Blouse 

Blouses work very well for offices, as they are smart and comfortable. The right blouse will work perfectly during the evening, too! Take this Callie Top by Xirena as an example. The crisp-white blouse looks perfectly professional and would work in an office. However, when transitioning to night time, you could pair it with a high-waisted skirt and a bold necklace, and suddenly, it becomes the perfect evening top. 

Wear a Bold Dress 

Bold dresses in the summertime can look great both at work and while hitting the bars. This Isa Ruffle Dress by Saloni is a good example, as it’s long and professional enough to work in the office while also showcasing outstanding style. You can wear it with a blazer while at work, and the switch to a more casual jacket with a pair of heels before heading out at night. 

Style a Skirt 

Skirts transition from day to night easily, as they can look professional in a formal setting. Wear a knee-length pencil skirt during your work day with a blouse, and then turn in your blouse for a nighttime top for a seamless transition. The skirt stays the same, but the overall look completely changes.

Wear Layers in the Day 

Layering your clothes works well while at work. For this, choose lightweight, soft layers, with your evening clothes underneath and your more professional garments sitting on the outer part. It can be done quite subtly, too. For example, you could wear a nighttime top underneath a baggier blouse. Take this Atlee Shirt by Xirena as an example. It’s slightly oversized yet chic and in-tune with office wear, so you could wear your smaller, stylish top ready for the nighttime underneath that while at work. Of course, be careful layering too much on the hotter days! 

Swap the Shoes 

Swapping a pair of shoes at the end of the workday is simple and a big enough of a transformation that you’ll no longer feel like you’re simply in office wear. A sophisticated pair of low heels can work well for your workday, but then you can switch to a higher heel for a night on the town. That way, you can enjoy statement heels that make an impact! 

Embrace Simplicity 

The best way to take an outfit from day to night is to begin with a simple focus piece. For example, a solid color dress or jumpsuit. This is because these garments lend themselves to day and night wear – all you’ll need to do is change up the accessories and perhaps the jacket. A few small switches on top of a casual dress can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a fun dress that works for both occasions, we stock Ulla Johnson dresses, which are both elegant and sophisticated. 

Adding and Subtracting Accessories 

Accessories make all the difference. One of the easiest ways to go from day to night is by adding and subtracting accessories. For example, you might wear some simple stud earrings and a delicate bracelet for work, then switch those up to wear a bold statement necklace or some dangly earrings for the nighttime. This doesn’t involve pulling off a pair of tights or changing your dress; it’s a simple step that transforms your outfit! 

Letting Your Hair Down 

Okay – this isn’t about the clothes exactly, but it’s a simple transformation that can quickly take you from day to night. There are plenty of up-do hairstyles you can wear during the workday that keep you looking nice and professional. Then, when you take it out at the end of the day, you can enjoy luscious, tussled hair. For example, a good convertible hairstyle can use plaits of a bun to softly pull the hair up (avoiding too much traction from hair ties and clips), which can then be let down to form soft waves. A spritz of texture spray, and you’re ready to go! You can even finish with a hair accessory for extra sparkle. 

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