With the chilly winter season right around the corner, it’s time to get as cozy as possible. There’s nothing better than sitting inside by the fire in your most comfortable PJs while the wind, rain, or snow takes over outside. Of course, to make the most of that experience, you need soft and comfy pajamas that will keep you toasty even on the coldest of evenings. 

What Are the Best Materials for Winter Pajamas? 

The best pajamas for the winter season might not necessarily look like the most comfortable pajamas in hot weather. During the summer months, you’ll likely want materials that keep you cooler, like silk pajamas or linen pajamas. On the other hand, in the winter, you want materials that help you withstand the cold, such as cotton and fleece pajamas. For overall comfort, cotton fabric makes the most sense. Both men and women benefit from full-length cotton flannel pajamas when the outside wind is as cold as ice. That’s why, here at Erica Wilson, we have the most comfortably soft 100% cotton PJs to make your winter as homely and relaxing as possible. Below are some of the best! 

Long PJ Set – Stroll 

The Erica Wilson “Stroll” collection is the perfect pajama set to wear during the holiday season. The 100% cotton, machine washable pajama set comes with a long sleeve top and pajama pants, ensuring you stay toasty throughout the dark nights. The design is also perfectly wintery, with its striped pattern adorned with little images of Christmas trees and wreaths. In Erica Wilson style, it also stays true to the lovely island of Nantucket, as the images also include a wreath-adorned lighthouse! 

Better yet – you can get this wintery pajama set for the whole family, as it comes in both adult and children sizes. Get your Santa hats and Stroll pajamas on and pose in front of the Christmas tree, as you are sure to get the perfect Christmas family picture in these! Your holiday cards will have never looked as cozy. 

Short PJ Set – Stroll 

Is your home nice and toasty, even during the months of November and December? Don’t worry – Erica Wilson has the gorgeous, festive Stroll design in a short PJ set, too. These PJs showcase the best of Nantucket during Christmas time, with a Christmas tree inside a row boat and wreath-decorated lighthouse – you’ll be dreaming of spending winter there! Wear this stripe design with the whole family for a truly cozy and memorable holiday season. You can even get a dog bandana in the same design! 

Long Sleeve Pajama Set – Save the Whales 

While whale watching typically occurs during warmer periods, you can still rock this Whale-covered pajama set throughout the winter. The long-sleeve design is perfect for the chilly evenings, as it will help your whole body stay warm. Not to mention how adorable the whales are! Much like the Stroll PJ set, these pajamas come in sizes for adults and children, so you can match them with the whole family.

There’s a bonus – part of the profit of each purchase goes towards nonprofits dedicated to saving the whales in the ocean. The fight to save the whales continues throughout all seasons, so while you wear these endlessly comfortable PJs during the cold months, you can rest assured your purchase has helped an excellent cause. They make a great holiday present for an animal lover in your life! 

Save the Whales – Footie PJ 

Your baby will look absolutely adorable in this Save the Whales Footie PJ onesie. Its long sleeves will help keep your little one snug throughout the colder months, while the whale print will look beyond cute. You can rest assured your baby will enjoy wearing this thanks to the high quality 100% Prima Cotton material. 

Long Sleeve Tuck’d In Set – Ack Red 

Do you want to celebrate the beauty of Nantucket all year long? In the winter, wear these adorable and comfortable Tuck’d In pajamas. As the name suggests, you’ll feel all tucked in as soon as you slip these PJs on, thanks to the soft material and cozy, loose fit. You’ll want to climb into them every night! Much like the other pajama sets on this list, no synthetic fabric is used here – these pajamas use 100% cotton (no polyester fabric) for your ultimate comfort. 

The quarterboards inspire the design found all over Nantucket, with the names coming from the various homes you’ll find on the oceanfront island. So, if you’re a frequent visitor to the island or simply love the style, they are perfect! Plus, these quarterboards fit right at home during the holiday season in this Ack Red shade. 

Tuck’d In Nightshirt – Blue 

Sometimes, all you want to do during the wintery nights is slip into a warm, hugging nightshirt that will feel the chills away. That’s exactly what this Tuck’d In Nightshirt does! It has the same design as the Tuck’d In PJ set – only this one comes in blue and is a night shirt. It has long sleeves, a collar, and a loose-fitting design for your comfort. Sleep shirts like these are perfect when all you want to do is climb into some soft PJs and curl up on the sofa. 

Men’s Tuck’d In Pajamas – Blue 

Erica Wilson also has incredible mens pajamas, including these Men’s Tuck’d In Pajamas in blue. They are slightly different from the women’s version – they come with a loose fitting Henley top in pure white, which pairs perfectly with the quarterboard-printed pants. They run from sizes small to XXL and are incredibly comfortable. Wear them as a family! 

Shop Erica Wilson for Your Perfect Winter Pajamas At Erica Wilson, you can find a range of high-quality 100% Pima cotton kids, men’s, and womens pajamas to help you stay cozy and warm all winter long. You can easily order online, perhaps purchasing a whole PJ set for the family or a gift for a close loved one. Or, if you’re lucky enough to spend winter in Nantucket (which is highly recommended!), you can pop in the shop for a warm welcome.