Erica Wilson Mali Bracelets
The Erica Wilson Maison Rose Collection
Erica Wilson's new Stretch Bead Wrap Bracelets are made by the women of Maison Rose, providing them with both a source of income and pride in the ability to help support themselves.

Maison Rose is a home sheltering adolescents, young single mothers and women who have been subject to physical and psychological violence. It is an oasis of hope and peace situated in one of the poorest slums in Dakar, Senegal, West Africa.
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The Erica Wilson Mali Collection

These Bracelets are made for Erica Wilson Nantucket from recycled rubber by women in Djenné, Mali. Producing these bracelets provides the women with a viable means of support and are sold to raise funds for L'Empire des Enfants, a school for homeless children in Dakar, Senegal. Many of the children at the school have been stolen from the countryside and brought to the city to beg. Once the child proves no longer useful, the child is abandoned. The school assists these children; feeds, shelters, teaches and if possible, reunites them with their family.

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